Alexandria Virginia petty larceny laws

Petit larceny or petty larceny in Alexandria Virginia is a theft of services or property whose value is less than $200. It is also theft of property whose value is less than $5 is taken directly from the individual. The petty larceny is punishable by law. The punishment depends on the severity of the case and also desertion of the judge. For example, if a person commits larceny for the first time, he may get away with only “Fine.” If a person commits larceny at the larger scale, he may have to serve punishment in jail.

The punishment is different in every state. If you are in Alexandria Virginia, then you need to know the Alexandra Virginia petty larceny laws. Only an expert attorney at SRIS law group can help you know these laws. The lawyer will review the case before pursuing it in the court. There are three important elements of the larceny. The lawyer will first review these elements. These are ownership, wrongful taking, and the intention of the thief. If there is no evidence to support these elements the court will not make any charges.  If you do not have evidence about one of these elements, then the charges may be less. You should know these laws. Make sure that you get legal help from the best larceny attorneys around you.

Petty larceny in Alexandria Virginia

Larceny is punishable by law in every state of the US. However, each state has its rules and regulations. A statutory value sets the punishment of petty larceny. This value is different in different states. In Alexandria Virginia, larceny is punishable by 12 months in jail or by $2500 fine or both. The amount of fine for petty larceny does not increase by $2500, but it can be less than that depending on the case. Similarly, the punishment or petty larceny in jail can be less than 12 months but not more than that. In Alexandria Virginia, petty larceny will occur if the theft is not more than $200 and less than $5 (if it is direct theft). The value is of money or property or service. If someone deprives you of $5, or property worth $5 or your services worth $5 you can file a case against them.

How to file a case for petty larceny in Alexandria Virginia?

It is an easy task to file a case. You do not have to make much effort. All you need is to find an expert criminal defence lawyer. The criminal defence lawyers such as our lawyers at the SRIS law group are experts on petty larceny cases. All our lawyers are well-versed with the Shenandoah Alexandria petty larceny laws. These lawyers will make sure that you have all the evidence. They will not only take your case but also explain all the rules and regulations of petty larceny in Alexandria.