Difference between DUI and DWI in Virginia

There is no such difference between DUI and DWI. DUI explains for driving under influence while DWI explains for driving while intoxicated. The people with DUI in Virginia are found guilty if the level of blood alcohol content is .08% while driving. They can be under arrest from driving under influenced of drugs by conducting a field sobriety test, breathalyzer or chemical test. DWI is Virginia is defined as driving while intoxicated. When it comes to drinking and driving there is certainly no difference between a DUI and DWI in Virginia. They carry same penalties and same charges in Virginia. Both refer to operating vehicle being impaired by alcohol.

DUI and DWI in Virginia

Section 18.2-266 of Virginia Law prohibits operating a vehicle if you are in the influence of alcohol or drugs or any other type of material which changes your driving abilities. The only difference between DUI and DWI is among different states and jurisdictions which indicates a difference among these two offenses. The other difference could be the variation in charges as DUI is typically a lesser offense than DWI. Virginia does not recognise any difference between DUI and DWI and it has a zero tolerance policy for this. The laws, charges and fees for DUI and DWI in Virginia are same and they receive the same sentences.

The offenses of DUI and DWI are very broad and they cover around 24 section of Virginia Code starting from 18.2-266 to 18.2-271.4. With past several years the consequences for DUI and DWI in Virginia increase in their severity and include compulsory jail for certain offenses. The penalties for DUI and DWI vary depending on the BAC established by the test to check whether DUI OR DWI is first or subsequent. These penalties affect your freedom and your ability to find a job or to maintain an employment where clear driving record or nonexistence of criminal record is a necessary condition. In Virginia both DUI and DWI are Class I misdemeanor and are classified as the most serious criminal offenses.

Punishments of DUI and DWI

A person convicted with DUI or DWI faces a jail time of 12 months with a fine of $2,500. His license will also suspended for over one year. The person will obtain the restricted license in case of successfully completing the Alcohol Safety Action Program which is a mandatory event for first offense. In particular case the person will also be required by the law to install an interlock ignition device in the vehicle. Higher points of BAC and the second or third conviction will carry a compulsory jail sentence, license suspension and fines. The third DUI or DWI sentence will become felony crime and will carry a jail time of 5 years as a penalty.

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