Domestic Violence: Case of Child Abuse and Child Custody in Virginia

Domestic abuse is widespread across Virginia and the rest of the United States, and it frequently plays a role in family law proceedings. Abuse is a foremost factor that leads to an individual pursuing separation or child custody, and Virginia courts will take domestic violence into account in determining the matters of custody. Virginia courts take the accusation of abuse and negligence very seriously. In child custody case which investigate the allegations of abuse, judges may appoint an attorney Guardian ad Litem (GAL) who responsibility is to investigate such case and make determination in the best interest of child. The family lawyers at SRIS Law Group are experienced in representing parents in custody disagreements relating accusations of abuse.

Constitutes of Abuse in Virginia Family Law Proceeding

In Virginia code the family abuse is defined to include:

  • Mental or physical injury imposed on a child
  • Threat of mental or physical injury
  • Intentionally or unintentionally creating risk of death and impairment of mental or bodily functions.
  • Child neglect
  • Allowing or committing any sexual abuse to child
  • Leaving child with a non-family member who is a register for crimes against minors

In defining custody provisions, a court will concentrate on a child’s emotive and bodily best interests. Numerous aspects, such as parent constancy and home atmosphere are measured when determining a child’s best welfares. Virginia courts usually favor joint custody measures, where parents share physical custody and legal custody. Yet, a past of domestic violence might impact a judge to diverge from a combined custody plan and limit or confine the abusive parent’s visit with the child.

How working with a lawyer can help

Courts supervising guardianship proceedings want to know about history of abuse which is pertinent to their purposes, and working with a qualified Virginia family law attorney can benefit you to gather and present any past of abuse in a convincing and procedurally right way to the judge. The attorneys at SRIS Law Firm can help you with case of child abuse and child custody. Call us right now and speak to out qualified family lawyer about your case and get it solved in a legal manner.

Scheduled your consultation with Virginia Family Law Attorney

In cases of child abuse it is important to protect the emotional well-being of children involved. Children can be deeply affected by a custody conflict among their parents and can be traumatized by something as outrageous as an abuse accusation imposed at one parents. Clearly an accusation of child abuse can be very damaging to the proceeding of child’s custody. The attorney at SRIS Law Group are aware with family cases and can support and ensure you that your privileges will be protected if you are in the core of one of these case.

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