DUI Attorney in Fairfax VA

If you have been pulled over and arrested for the charge of driving under influence (DUI) in Fairfax VA, you may face some serious charges against the offense. For this reason, it is extremely essential to consult with a DUI attorney in Fairfax VA who will completely acknowledge your experience and will have the required skills to support you fight against the charges. If you are arrested for DUI in Fairfax VA, it advisable to respond in a cooperative manner but never forget that you have the legal right to remain silent until you have consulted with a well versed and knowledgeable DUI attorney in Fairfax VA who can guide you the correct way to defend yourself.

The Fairfax VA is well known for being extremely strict when it comes to the charges for DUI. This mean that you will most likely face some serious penalties and punishments if you are convicted for the charge of DUI or refusal in Fairfax VA. The severity of punishments for DUI varies and depends on the blood alcohol count (BAC) levels and the fact that either you are a first time offender or a habitual one. Driving under the not only refers to driving under the influence of alcohol but any drugs including prescribed medication in violation of VA code §18.2-266. By driving in the Fairfax VA, you have legally provided your consent to the chemical testing of your blood or breath in order to establish your BAC level. This consent is outline in the Implied Consent Law of Virginia under section A of VA Code §18.2-268.2. Fairfax VA, considers your driving license as a privilege instead of a right therefore it maintains the power to alter any law related to it. That is why you do not have the option to select which tests you would like to have administered.

Only a well versed DUI attorney in Fairfax VA can guide you with the proper way to legally defend yourself. This defense strategy by a DUI attorney will lead to either complete dismissal of the charge of reduction in the severity of charge and related penalties. A DUI attorney in Fairfax VA can suggest alternatives to jail sentence such as enrolment is ASAP (Alcohol Safety Action Program). A DUI attorney can also challenge the functionality of Breathalyzer equipment and the protocol for the SFSTs (Standard Field Sobriety Tests) in your defense.