Fairfax Virginia Fraud Laws

Thousands of people are charged with fraud and theft crimes in Fairfax Virginia Fraud Laws. There are many cases related to fraud and they are considered as Class 1 misdemeanors. The cases of frauds are categorized as bad checks and forgery, credit card fraud and identity theft. If you are charged for any of one of the category, it is crucial to consult a lawyer who can guide you according to the nature of Fairfax Virginia Fraud Laws.

Penalties for Fraud

The law is very simple in this crime where a person tries to defraud someone by obtaining their signature in order to forge is considered a serious crime. The crime is tackled under the section code of 18.2-178 and it is considered equivalent to Class 6 felony. If an individual is accused to defraud, there is a possibility that person can be charged with 5 years of imprisonment and a fine of $200. Moreover, identity theft is identified through purpose, an intention to sell information of other person and interference in the criminal investigation. It comes under the section code of 18.2-186.3. If a person accuses of the crime faces Class 5 felony. In this regard, it becomes essential for a person to confront 1 to 10 years of imprisonment and fine of $2,500. On the other hand, credit card fraud comes under the section code of 18. 2-195. It can be imposed if an offender defrauds the cardholder or merchant. It is considered Class 6 felony and faces 5 years of imprisonment with a fine of $2,500. These legal complexities are beyond the understanding of common man. In this regard, it is crucial to hire lawyer who is aware of Fairfax Virginia Fraud Laws

 Plea deals in Fraud

Fairfax Virginia Fraud Laws gives an opportunity to have plea deals if an offender is in the position to pay back the stuff or money. It has been observed that fraud cases, which are carried out for a lower amount of money, can lead towards plea deals.

Defenses to Fight Fraud Charges

The experienced lawyer of Fairfax possesses complete knowledge about Fairfax Virginia Fraud Laws. The capabilities of the lawyers enable to construct a defense that can defend the client in court proceedings. The legal laws possess various complex factors but it is important to show that commonwealth to gather valid evidence to impose allegations on the clients. Furthermore, the defense lawyer can also challenge the validity of the evidence and successfully establishes the defense based on doubt. The intent is the root cause of all fraud cases if there is an absence of intent behind the commitment of a crime. Here the lawyers can base their defense on entrapment to present their client innocent in the eyes of the law. The lawyers also acknowledge the nature of allegations that are carried whether base on opinion or fact. It has been seen that in most of the cases the action of a person can be considered as fraudulent. These crucial aspects can only be resolved with the help of lawyers who are well versed in Fairfax Virginia Fraud Laws.