Hit and Run Fairfax

In Virginia, causing damage to someone’s property or injury and leaving the scene is considered as a serious crime which involves severe punishments. There are different scenarios for which the individual can be accused of hit and run Fairfax crime such as hitting someone’s parked car and leaving the spot, causing injury or death of someone and fleeing are the conditions in which the person can be accused for hit and run Fairfax offense.

Moreover, you can also be charged with hit and run if you did not stop, even if you just wanted to find the proper place to stop so that the traffic will not impede and the second person thought that you fled from the spot. Therefore, when you have the choice of impeding the traffic or hit and run then the sensible choice is clear. According to Virginia code section 46.2-888, if the individual is involved in an accident in which someone is injured or gets killed with the vehicle then he or she has immediately stopped as nearest to the place of incident. The law also states that the person must provide name, address, license number and the registration number of the vehicle.

Moreover, Virginia code section 46.2-894 states that the driver is involved in the accident in which no injury or death occurs to someone, but the damage to the property occurs then he or she will be charged with class one or four misdemeanors based on the circumstances and the amount of property loss. Although the drivers usually get accused for hit and run Fairfax case, the passengers also have the responsibility to not to leave the incident spot. Virginia law makes it obligatory for the driver and the passenger to stay at the place of incident and report to the police station within 24 hours of the accident.

If the passenger is involved in the hit and run incident and caused injury or death of a person, then he or she will be punished for five years imprisonment. Similarly, if the driver is accused for hit and run charges and cause death or injury to someone, then he or she will be punishable for 10 years of prison. Therefore, it is necessary to not to form the place of an accident even if you are a passenger. Otherwise, you will be charged with the offense of hit and run Fairfax.

When someone has encountered with the situation in which the other person got injured or got killed then he or she has to stop the car, on the other hand, the penalties might include the fine, imprisonment of up to 10 years and suspension of the driving license. If you have been accused of the hit and run Fairfax offense than it is important to consult the lawyer who has comprehensive knowledge of the traffic laws and rules and has vast experience of these dealing with these cases. The attorney will help you in developing a strong defense for the hit and run case thereby will be able to successfully present your case in front of the court. The careful evaluation of incident by the lawyer can result in the favorable outcomes.