Joint Custody- Pros and Cons

Joint physical custody is one of the most famous options to go for when none of the parents want to give up on living with the children. However, this is also not one of the forms that work for all families and children. Therefore before you choose this form of custody, it is important that you put consideration and thought into several factors it. There are numerous factors which need to be considered when one wishes to of joint custody. Here are some of the pros and cons of joint custody, which you should consider before making the decision.

What is joint Physical Custody?

Also known as “shared custody,” “shared parenting,” and “dual residence custody” the physical custody arrangement includes having the children live in with one parent for part of the week, and live with the other parent throughout the remainder of the time. The division of time which is spent with each parent is about 50/50. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that physical custody and legal custody are two very different things when it comes to the court’s ruling. The parent who has the sole legal custody also has the sole responsibility to take all the important decisions. These decisions, for instance, include the religion they are going to follow, which school they are going to be sent to, and all the major medical decisions as well. Technically speaking, it is very possible that one parent will have the legal custody even though they are sharing the physical custody. However, mostly, for parents who have joint physical custody, they also have joint legal custody as well.

Here are the Pros of Joint Custody:

  1. Neither of the parents is known to be a ‘visitor’ in their kids’ life
  2. Both the parents are regarded as equals
  3. Both parents enjoy almost the equal amount of time with the children
  4. The children experience living with both their parents on a regular basis
  5. The kids become extremely responsible
  6. The kids have opportunities to experience different environments and make new friends

Here are the Cons of Joint Custody:

  1. At times, the child has to become excessively responsible for their own belongings
  2. The kids have to adjust to living in with new people and in new locations
  3. The hassle of packing up and switching homes every other week can be a cause of stress for the children
  4. There can be a lot of running back and forth because of forgotten items and might cause a lot of trouble
  5. This is not suitable for all families

Even though you might have a lot of people telling you about what should be done and should not be done, it is important that you keep the wants of your child in mind. Make a decision which best suits all the family members. This one decision of yours can be the defining point of your children’s life. Think it through and calmly decide before finally taking the decision.