How to lower a reckless driving charge in Loudoun VA?

Under the light of law designed by US government traffic violations are categorized as serious offenses. These offenses are penalized strictly by the courts of Virginia. Loudoun being an independent part of Commonwealth of Virginia follows same rules as rest of the Virginia does. Reckless driving is considered to be worst and most serious of all other traffic violations. Reckless driving refers to the driving in which a driver drives hastily, endangering lives and property of people in the surroundings. It is even dangerous than that of improper or careless driving.

Any person caught guilty of reckless driving charge falls under the category of class 1 misdemeanor, in which he or she is penalized by strict penalties announced by the court. Traffic violations are considered to be a serious crime all around the US, abiding them is a stern obligation which is to be followed by each individual. These rules have been designed by the court to maintain law and order in the country, therefore strict penalties are imposed in case if not followed.

Reckless driving charge subjects one to any of the following punishments:

  • Imprisonment of the guilty for a certain time span(usually it ranges between six months to an year)
  • A forfeit of up to $2500 is imposed on the accused;
  • Suspension of driver’s driving license for a certain time span(time span usually depends upon the complexity of the incident);
  • Demerit points are charged on the driving record of the accused. Usually 6 points are charged, and they remain there for at least eleven months.

Above mentioned postulates depict the strictness of punishments imposed on the accused. These punishments can adversely affect the future of the offender, however punishment can be lowered with the help of a legal lawyer. Court can only reduce you punishment if assured that the act or offense of reckless driving committed was not harmful for the ones around. Individual cannot argue with legal suites and police investigators alone. Only a legal adviser or legal attorney can help you with this situation.

In such circumstances you need not to worry, as Law offices of SRIS P.C. is here to help you with all sorts of legal charges. We specialize in dealing with traffic violation charges efficiently. We have group of experts including trial lawyers and two former prosecutors who can deal with your concerns proficiently. All what you have to do is contact us and fix your first meeting session with us. Depending upon the complexity of you case you will be advised for further steps.

Penalties imposed by the court depend upon the following conditions:

  • Previous criminal record of the accused;
  • Severity of the offense committed; and
  • Under the light of Virginia law sections.

Foremost postulate portrays that any individual who falls under the category of reckless driving charge and has been awarded with 6 DMV points, has a criminal record for next eleven months, ultimately making it tough for him or her to fully enjoy the perks of driving on the roads of Loudoun Virginia. Therefore, in order to avoid such awful consequences you are advised to contact Law offices of SRIS P.C. immediately.