Make sure to check your tickets to avoid License suspension in Virginia

Virginia is a state known for its strictly supervised traffic regulation. However, these traffic tickets vary from offense to offense.  If you are convicted for a minor violation the traffic police officer may handle you a simple speeding ticket or any other related ticket but if unfortunately you are convicted for any major violation in Virginia the traffic police officer will not hesitate in giving you a reckless driving ticket.

What Should I do When I Get a Ticket in Virginia?

The first and foremost step that any driver in Virginia should take is to check his/her ticket carefully right when the traffic police issues one. Often drivers misunderstand the ticket and assumes it to be a speeding ticket whereas they end up with a reckless driving ticket. Therefore one much carefully check their tickets to avoid any serious penalties such as suspension of their driving license.

Difference Between Speeding and Reckless Driving

There is a very critical difference between reckless driving ticket and a Speeding ticket in Virginia that almost every driver should understand. Although it may appear similar, but reckless driving is a much serious crime in Virginia and is categorized under criminal offense while speeding is dealt as a traffic violation. Considering how aggressive the prosecutors are in Virginia while dealing with criminal offense, drivers should take every measure to prevent getting a reckless driving ticket.

What are the Major Differences Between the Penalties of Speeding ticket and Reckless Driving Ticket?

A person getting a speeding ticket in Virginia is supposed to pay a fees of maximum 250$ in extreme cases. However, reckless driving is much serious criminal offense which can result in suspension of your driving license for a specific period of time or even imprisonment.

Understanding Reckless Driving in Virginia

In Virginia there are almost 14 different serious traffic violation acts which are categroized as reckless driving:

  1. General Reckless Driving dealt according to code 46.2-852
    1. Any act of driving which can cause damage to any living thing or personal and public property such as causing car accidents
  2. Reckless Driving by Speed dealt according to code 46.2-862
    1. This is when a driver is driving at a specific speed, which is above the speed limit.
  3. Reckless Driving Based on Failure to Maintain Control or Faulty Brakes dealt according to code 46.2-853
  4. Other Reckless Driving types: There are eleven other reckless driving types which are comparatively less common in Virginia. They include:
    1. Driving Too Fast for Traffic Conditions dealt according to code 46.2-861
    2. Failing to Give Proper Signals dealt according to code 46.2-860
    3. Failure to Yield the Right of Way dealt according to code 46.2-863
    4. Overloaded car dealt according to code 46.2-855
    5. Passing a Stopped School Bus dealt according to code 46.2-859
    6. Passing at a Railroad Grade Crossing dealt according to code 46.2-858
    7. Passing Two Vehicles Abreast dealt according to code 46.2-856
    8. Passing When View is Obstructed dealt according to code 46.2-854,
    9. Racing dealt according to code 46.2-864, 65.
    10. Two Vehicles In One Lane dealt according to code 46.2-857

Penalties of reckless driving

  1. Penalties ordered by court
    1. Heavy Fines
    2. Suspension of driving license usually for ten days to a six months period
    3. Imprisonment
  2. Other social long-term penalties
    1. Hike Insurance premium
    2. Criminal record: ( as reckless driving is considered as a criminal offense)
    3. Negative points allotted by the department of motor vehicle of Virginia
    4. Loss of employment ( if a person is sent to jail for reckless driving)
    5. Humiliation due to imprisonment
    6. A depiction of his/her criminal offense in the driving records for a period of 2 to 11 years