Prince William County Reckless Driving Court

Visiting this page means that either you been charged with a reckless driving ticket in Prince William County or just a student who wants to know about the details of Prince William County reckless driving Court. It is appreciable that you are seeking information about the Prince William County reckless driving Court on your own rather than to rely on those thousands of lawyers and legal firms that are being advertised over the internet or phone directory.

We are not suggesting you not to consult the lawyer, but understanding and learning the legal implications in the Prince William County reckless driving Court will be beneficial for you while selecting a lawyer and discussing your case with him.

Legal Definition of Reckless Driving in Prince William County

Before heading to the Prince William County reckless driving Court, I would prefer to tell you the legal definition of reckless driving in Prince William County.

Virginia Code 46.2- 862 have described reckless driving as “any person  who is guilty of driving recklessly with a speed of 20 miles per hour or more that can endanger the physical well-being, life or property of the other person or the persons sitting in the vehicle.”

To understand in detail, some examples of reckless driving include racing, inappropriate turn, overtake or passing by, driving with improper or non-functional brakes of the vehicle, using mobile phones while driving, etc. however, every case is different, and you might be charged for other than these examples.

Legal Penalties of Reckless Driving

According to Prince William Virginia laws, the reckless driving offender is considered as Class 1 misdemeanor according to which he/she is punishable to a fine of up to $2,500 and one to 12 months of jail. Moreover, there may be an addition of license suspension along with the penalty of fine and imprisonment of Class 1 misdemeanor. Besides this, the addition in DMV points and the insurance rates are also implied in some of the cases. However, the penalties are decided by the court on the basis of the severity of the case and the historic background of the offender.

What is done in Prince William County Court

When your case proceeds to the Prince William County reckless driving Court, then you must know the role of Court in your case. The Prince William County reckless driving Court is responsible for carrying out hearings of your case and make appropriate decisions regarding the punishment of the offender on the basis of the provided facts, evidence, witnesses, and the associated lawful implications.

Like all other courts, Prince William County reckless driving Court also has the authority to declare you as innocent in your reckless driving case because of the insufficient or faulty evidence. Therefore, you must try to defend your case with full efforts.

What should I Do Before Appearing in the Court

Before appearing in Prince William County reckless driving Court, there are certain steps that you should do before the date of court hearing. The first step is to hire an experienced and skilled attorney and discuss your case in detail. With the help of your attorney, make efforts to gather and prepare sufficient and strong evidence and proofs

Be mentally and physically ready about all the possible consequences after discussing it with your attorney as every case and its consequences are distinct!