Prostitution Law in Fairfax Virginia

Prostitution is the crime based on the forceful sex with the victim. In this crime, the person trades some favor or compensation for sexual contact. Prostitution is also known as an oldest profession. It may take many forms, like streetwalkers and brothels, sophisticated call girls to escort services. According to prostitution law to offer, engage or agree to sexual act for compensation is considered as a crime.

The sexual act for compensation is considered crime in almost all states of USA. The charges involved depend on the person involved in the act. Majorly two persons or parties are charged, one who is offering the service, and the second one who is paying for service. Some time third party is involved known as pimping or pandering who play role in a meeting of two parties.

Prostitution law in Virginia

In most states both the parties come under the category of prostitution and charged with fine or penalty according to state laws. In Virginia, prostitution is considered as a crime and no prostitute is free of punishment. He or she has to pay fine or go to jail according to state law. Solicitation is also a crime according to Virginia’s law. Obtaining a sexual favor is not good and a person will be charged with same penalties as for the prostitution.

The third party of pimping is also suspected for the punishment. He has to face class 4 felony for creating a situation for two parties for doing illegal sexual contact and receiving money from male or female prostitutes.

The Virginia prostitution law strictly prohibits the offering or accepting of the favor, any illegal sexual activity and prohibition of committing prostitution or solicitation.

Penalties for prostitution

The criminal is charged with penalty according to class 1 misdemeanor. The prostitution may get the jail of one year along with the fine up to $2500.

Hiring a lawyer

As prostitution is the unlawful act in Virginia so the penalty is must for the criminal. In order to reduce some penalty or get rid of the case, you can hire a professional lawyer. In Fairfax, Virginia Law offices of SRIS P.C. have active attorney members who fight for prostitution crime. If you are charged with prostitution crime in Fairfax Virginia then you can contact our legal advisors. We will provide you effective and affordable services to defend your case.

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