What Everyone Should Know About the Virginia Reckless Driving Laws

One might actually be very surprised about what happens when one gets stopped for over speeding in the State of Virginia. Even if you do not reside in Virginia, you might find yourself passing through it for business or vacation purposes, which is why it is important that you educate yourself well in advance.

What Everyone Should Know About the Virginia Reckless Driving Laws

It Might Not Be a Speeding Ticket

Numerous people might not think of being stopped for a speeding ticket. You get a ticket for which you have to pay for and then you can go back home. However, this is not the case in the state of Virginia. Various people get stopped on the interstates in Virginia, go back to their home only to find out that they have been actually charged with a crime known as reckless driving. According to the law of reckless driving going over 80 mph or driving at any speed which is 20+ over the set speed limit is prohibited. This is known to be a misdemeanor offense which is known to be at the same level as the DUI offense.

Furthermore, the officer charging you with the crime might not even tell you the type of ticket you will be getting. Most officers simply write ‘RD’ on the ticket which most of the drivers do not recognize. Reckless driving tickets can lead to a lot of various problems for the drivers charged with it as they are basically charges which can lead to jail time on which the judge can even suspend the driving license.

How to Protect Yourself against Getting a Reckless Driving Ticket

One of the simplest ways to avoid getting a reckless driving ticket in the state of Virginia is to drive below 80 mph and no more than19 mph that the posted limit in Virginia no matter what.

This alone is going to keep you safe of receiving a reckless driving ticket. Even though there are numerous other kinds of reckless driving which you could still get charged for, for instance running off the road, which mostly entails a reckless driving ticket for “failure to maintain control” of the car.

Furthermore, when you drive to the state of Virginia for a holiday, you need to pay extra close attention to the driving as well as the speed. The holiday weekends are one of the most famous times for the enforcement of the Virginia traffic laws. For instance during the 2016 Thanksgiving weekend the Virginia State Police cited almost 2,213 people in the charge of reckless driving and more than 8,078 people for over speeding. And this does not even include the tickets which were issued by the offices of the local sheriff. During the summer weekends these numbers can go up to at least 3,367 reckless driving tickets which are issued by the police.